Poetry/Articles On A Number of Topics



A Pagan Bible, published by Eternal Haunted Summer

If Love Were Blind, published by The Shine Journal

Goddess, to be published by Eternal Haunted Summer


 Articles - Various Topics


Loving Gay Loving, published by For The Girls ezine

Why straight women are writing gay fiction - and why other straight women are reading it.


Why My Son Wears Pink, published by The F Word

Gender and pre-schoolers: children don't come colour-coded, no matter what shops would like you to believe.


Updating Your Summer Wardrobe the Eco Way, published by Green My Style ezine

I called it 'Summer Wardrobe, Summer Claptrap!' but they changed the name. How to dress in ways that don't cost the earth.


A-Z of Writingpublished by Essential Writers

General tips for writers hoping to get published - and then published again.


Writing Erotica, published by Essential Writers

How to break through in the erotica market.


Perfect Packed Lunches For Kids, published by Delicious magazine online

There's more to life than sandwiches when it comes to school lunchtime.


Cooking With Kids, published by Delicious magazine online

Making a Christmas cake with the help of your pre-school child.