Other Stories

Science Fiction Stories

I don't see myself used not to see myself as a science fiction writer. Since I now have a full length anthology out, I think I'd better change my attitude! Just in case you missed it elsewhere, it's:

Thrace, published by Manifold Press

Even before that, though, somehow, every so often, I had an urge to write a short sci fi story. They've been published in the following places:

Short Stories

The Watch, published by Art and Prose magazine

My Love, Myself, published by Bent

Life From Mars, published by Hub magazine

Mind Bleed, published by Hypersonic Tales

Prose Poem, published by Outshine

Other Stories

  Short Stories

21st Century Cinders, published by Abandoned Towers (teen romance)

Being Jamie, published by Structo (children’s fiction)

The Signing, published by Breath and Shadow (general fiction)

 Why, published by Nanoism (general twitter-length fiction)

 My Secret Love, published by Burst (general fiction)